Branding with Eternity

We believe in basic but highly effective ideas in order to build and grow a successful brand.


Our focus is on creating fresh, exciting and unique ideas to give our clients a competitive advantage. When we take on a new project the first question we always ask our clients (and ourselves) is what is going to differentiate this brand, make it really stand out? What is going to make this brand irresistible?

One of our biggest advantages over traditional advertising agencies is we produce immediate and measurable results. We can come up with several cutting edge ideas, design a logo, marketing collateral, a website and implement an online marketing strategy in the time it takes others to have their first board meeting.

Why is getting things done quickly so important? In today’s modern marketplace connecting with your customers is more literal and direct. You can reach tens of thousands of potential customers via search engines and social media within a few clicks of your mouse. You can then see how your target audience is responding, within minutes and hours instead of weeks and months,. Allowing you to revise your strategy and make informed decisions about how your brand communicates with your target market.

Our branding methodology is very simple and it works:

  1. Listen to your Customers: conduct surveys, focus groups, talk to people!
  2. A Precise Target Market: You need to know your customer inside out. Their likes, dislikes, why they wake up every morning, you need to really walk in their shoes and find out what excites them.
  3. Bold Positioning: Once you know what your customers want and who they are, it’s time to create a brand. You need to be daring (and even a little absurd) rather than trying to be an equal to your competitors.
  4. Creative Passion: Your brand should combine design, science, business and communication and create something really special, a personality. You want to confuse your competitors to the point that they don’t know how to compete with your brand personality because they aren’t as cool as you AND you want to excite your customers on an emotional level, giving them what they want and making sure they can’t get enough!
  5. Communicate: No matter the size or budget of your organisation, your brand needs to have a direct connection with your customers. They can potentially be your best sales people and it’s in your best interest to let them know what’s going on with your brand. Retaining a customer is much cheaper than acquiring a new one so protect your brand reputation fiercely.
  6. Measure and Evolve: Use the instant and continuous measurable feedback at your disposal via online marketing channels and constantly adjust and fine tune your ad campaigns, website content, and product/ service offerings. Business is rapidly evolving, be at the forefront and take charge of the direction of your brand and you will create a loyal following.



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